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Hey guys, so this is the second part of the chart, counting the most amazing new worlds, created in movies.

HERE you can see the films, placed from #20 to #11... So now lets continue the countdown, and don't forget to have a look at the amazing fan art I found throughout DeviantArt ;]

#10 Horton Hears a Who      
.:alone in the universe:. by BlueEyedPerceiver Hottest Who in Whoville by Eeba-ism Horton Hears a Who by skottieyoung A Windy Day for Dr. Seuss by carpenocturne
With this movie the worlds, created by Dr. Seuss were finally opened for the animation industry. And I must say they really
managed to show us the bizzare and very stylistic universe, known from the illustrated books. The story lets us see two very
imaginative places - the jungle, where Horton lives and Whoville, located in e spec, carried by the wind.  Whoville offers a
real escape from reality. Everything's strange and cartoony and the laws of phisics don't always affect it. 'Horton Hears a
Who'  is a real eye candy, but it also shows heart and it's a perfect movie for kids and open-minded adults ...

#9 The Nightmare Before Christmas      
The Nightmare Before Christmas by PsychoSlaughterman  Nightmare before Christmas by galazy Mr Jack commission by Vinz-el-Tabanas
This is the most famous stop motion animation ever. It shows us some typical Tim Burton worlds - filled with extremely weird
and funny looking creatures and characters. The main one, Jack Skellington is living in Halloweentown, very creepy in a cute
way place, which is dedicated to preparing and celebrating Halloween every year. Jack is 'the king' and is at the top of his
game... but he's also very bored of doing the same thing all the time. Accidentally he finds several magic doors in the
forrest, which lead to other similar towns like Christmastown. Then he visits it and really likes what he sees. Unfortunately
he missunderstands what this hollyday is about and almost ruins Christmas.  Overall the movie is really fun to watch, very
creatively written and beautifully sculpted.

#8 Spirited Away      
Spirited Away Poster Remarketed by JohnSilva Bleed by alicexz Bloodsport 5 - Spirited Away by cosamo
Another of Studio Ghibli's big hits, this animation is a real fiest for all of us, hungry for something new, strange and even
a little bit crazy. It's the story of a yound girl, who loses herself in a strange city, where everyone is dedicated to serve
the needs of some bizzare gods or monsters. She starts working and exploring the city, which is filled with colourful crowd of
creatures, witches and ghosts. This creative universe may be too much for some people, but it sets the mood for some really
emotional scenes, which won't leave you indifferent to the story.

#7 The Matrix Trilogy      
Smith by OtisFrampton The Matrix by 93Cobra matrix by ourlak
This iconic movie trilogy investigates the dark and hopeless future for our planet in a whole new way. When it came out in
1999, it offered a highly original concept (although influenced by #4 in this chart :P) of a world, solely run by machines,
who harvest our bodies to serve them as fuel. This process requires healthy bodies and minds, which led to the creation of the
Matrix - an icredibly complicated program, that lets every human live a normal life and keep their sanity until the day they
will no longer be needed by the machines. This film needed to create two very convincing universes - the real world, with the
creepy-looking machines , who chase the reamining free humans through the endleess piles of devastation...   and of course the
universe of the Matrix, which is basically the real world from the 90s. But if you're realizing the whole world is just a
simulation, then there are ways to bend the laws of nature and do some really crazy stuff ;]

#6 The Pirates Of Dark Water      
Pirates of Dark Water by PioPauloSantana The Quest by dreno360 Pirates of Darkwater - WIP by Octorin
'The Pirates of Dark Water' are animated series from the early 90s, which I grew up watching. I was fascinated how imaginative
and interesting this world was. The story is set on a planet, covered mostly with water, where magic mysteries, strange
civilizations and creatures can be found. This universe is raw and unfriendly, such are the 'people' too. They look very
interesting as everything on the planet - they possess different mix of racial features and emblematic clothes. I think the
concept of 'dark water' is very intriguing -  there are spots of black water here and there in the ocean, which react like a
living thing and attack everything nearby, sucking it in themsleves. What happens after that remains a mistery, cause
unfortunately the show had only 3 really short seasons and didn't have the opportunity to explain some things.
I really hope someday they would reanimate this show in some form, cause it's a shame to let that whole brilliant concept be

#5 Star Wars      
Star Wars by Joe-Roberts Star Wars: TCG - Luke Skywalker by AnthonyFoti Star Wars Dagobah by skottieyoung Star Wars: TCG - Darth Vader by AnthonyFoti Star wars Boba Fett by jamga
Star Wars is of course the biggest inspiration for all artists, who want to create anything to do with space or aliens, even
if they don't realize it.  So although I'm not a big fan of this film, I think it deserves to be included here for all the
creativity, that was put in all the ships, planets, all the alien races, robots, futuristic clothes and weapons in its
universe. Also technically its absolutely amazing how they managed to create all of these things in the 70s and 80s...

#4 Ghost In The Shell      
Ghost in the Shell by egilpaulsen :thumb17679138: Ghost in The Shell - Lina by stardock
This 1995 animated japanese classic came up with absolutely original for its time plot, vision, music and characters. For
those of you, who haven't seen it,  it's about a female police officer and her partner, who hunt a very dangerous for their
futuristic reality hacker. The reason he becomes a major threat is that in this version of the future most of the people,
including the police officers, are almost entirely upgrated with mechanical parts, which guarantee them incredible strenght
and special abilities.  The movie offers visually stunning look of the giant megapolis 'New Tokyo', showing it from various
angles. There are also amazing action sequences as well as philosophical questions and dilemmas. A 'must see' for every science
fiction fan out there ;]

#3 Avatar      
Avatar by patryk-garrett AVATAR, Pandora by MagusVerus Avatar by LivioRamondelli Avatar by bionicstrength avatar II by SpOoKy777
This movie became so popular, that it really started to irritate people, who say it doesn't deserve it. Well, they may be
right that the plot is quite unoriginal (Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas, Atlantis), but no one can deny the world, created by
Cameron is absolutely stunning and technically advanced. At night Pandora is even more beautiful and alive, everything is
glowing and moving. There are flying rocks at some places in the planet, lifted up by some sort of natural magnetism, which
became pretty emblematic for this universe too.  But of course most memorable are the Na'vi people, who look unique and
extemely realistic. Congrats to all the visual artists, who managed to achieve all of this. Avatar may not be masterpiece in
cinema, but it is definitely a visual masterpiece ;]

#2 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy      
so i found my llord of the rings soundtrack.... by nebezial Gandalf and the Balrog by gonzalokenny :thumb146141576: Sauron: War of the Last Alliance by MattDeMino gollum - smeagol by Raphooo2014 Nazgul by JohnDotegowski Mordor by Edli
The concept for The Lord of The Rings was lucky enough to be developed by a very pedantic with the details, imaginative writer
- Tolkien and later in Hollywood - recreated by a director, who has similar qualities and managed to make a very powerful, story
driven, but also spectacular  movie trilogy. Middle Earth is 3-dimentional, there are all kinds of environments, which are
home to the different races and creatures. Each of them has their very distinct way of life, look, clothes, weapons and so on.
Each little piece of prop is result of the hard work of designers and craftsmen, even if you barely see them in the background
of a scene. Special Effects are also something you remember this movie by. The nazguls, ents, trolls, giant spiders,
oliphaunts and many other, impressed audiences in the early 2000s with the level of realism, achieved in their creation. But
the most amazing visual effect was Gollum, who I personally think should have been nominated for an Oscar back then :D ... He
was extremely detailed and emotive and I love his little deluded conversations with himself. It's great we'll be able to see
more of that universe soon in the Hobbit trilogy, this time with even more advanced visuals...

#1  TRON Legacy      
Tron by FablePaint Tron by Aaorin Tron Legacy by AS001 Tron by TronixGFX Tron Legacy to the safe house by vyle-art
'Tron Legacy' absolutely has the most stylistic and original look that I've seen in cinema.  The overal darkness of this
universe and the colorful lights, shining through costumes, veheicles and buildings are unmistakable. Although the designs of
some things appeared in the first film, the creative crew really managed to breathe some new life into them.  The reason this
movie is on #1 is that, although it's definitely not the best film, it has a highly imaginative and different from anything
else univerce.  A real eye candy, which is now portraid in Disney's animated series 'Tron: Uprising', which I also recommend.  

Thanks for viewing this journal :)
So do you think these titles deserve to appear in the chart?
what movie universes do you love?

Here are some movies, that didn't make the cut
Artificial Intelligence
Pitch Black
Minority Report
The Planet of the Apes (2001)
Blade Runner
Aeon Flux
Jurassic Park
The Lorax
The secret of Kells
Dragon Hunters (Chasseurs de dragons)
Monsters Inc.
I robot
district 9
The Time Machine

Oz The Great and Powerful (maybe, we'll see )
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Octorin Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
I love Tron better than Tron Legacy, ever watched the first one? I too love the design in Legacy though I wished more from the plot (as with Avatar)
:) Very nice journal, I like that one gets to see art and the text too it and I've seen most part of the movies/shows. :3
priteeboy Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting choices, and very diverse and mixed (normally people are biased and saturate their lists with too much of one type or style). I see one of my suggestions (and some suggestions I was going to make>/i>) in that list at the bottom too :D
MattDeMino Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for featuring my work!
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Thank you :)
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Wow! Thank you very much for featuring my Horton Hears a Who fanart here! c:
XDimov Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012   General Artist
of course i would, it's a great movie and awesome fan art too ;]
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you're welcome, I love the style you chose for it... and I actually forgot to fave it, so I'll correct that now ;]
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